An analysis of the world history and the country bhutan

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An analysis of the world history and the country bhutan

The Happiest Country in the World? Ascended only six times, restrictions imposed by the Bhutanese government forbid climbers on the mountain. Known as the "Switzerland of Asia" for its size, shape and mountains, the country is famous for its scenic landscapes that include winding rivers, snowy peaks and immense biodiversity.

Starting in the s, the Bhutanese monarch not only opened his country up to foreign tourists, he also stated the country would be following a new development philosophy of Gross National Happiness. The four pillars of the happiness index include good governance, sustainable socio-economic development, cultural preservation and environmental conservation, says the BBC.

An analysis of the world history and the country bhutan

These pillars manifest themselves in a number of progressive policies, including free healthcare and education for boys and girls alike, a traditional dress code, preservation of Buddhist traditions, and more than 50 percent of the country being protected as natural parks or reserves.

On the surface, life does seem idyllic in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Regional presence

The country has had a two-party parliamentary democracy sincelife expectancy has increased by 20 years since99 percent of children are in school, and per capita income has gone up percent in the last 30 years, reported the Independent.

On writing about Bhutan, the authors of the World Happiness Report say, "Culture is not only viewed as a resource for establishing identity, but also for cushioning Bhutan from some of the negative aspects of modernization and thereby enriching Bhutan spirituality.

But for all its idyllic Buddhist temples and sleepy villages tucked away in the verdant mountains, Bhutan also faces an increase in drug abuse, alcohol abuse and rowdy gangs. According to the Atlantic, liver disease caused by alcoholism has become the number one killer in the country. The country has also been criticized for the forced exile ofBhutanese people of Nepalese origin in the s, says National Geographic.

But the fact that Bhutan has managed to preserve its cultural identity at the same time as it allows modernization and technological advances is encouraging. Which Country is the Happiest? Countries here are listed from least to most happy.

An analysis of the world history and the country bhutan

This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM.Learn about the history, geography and culture of Bhutan and find statistical and demographic information Bhutan was largely isolated from the rest of the world, and its people carried on a tranquil, traditional way of life, farming and trading, which had remained intact for centuries.

U.S. State Dept. Country Notes: Bhutan. Next. Under him Bhutan became a united country. Today the population of Bhutan is , A brief history of India. A brief history of China. A brief history of Nepal.

A brief history of Tibet.

An analysis of the world history and the country bhutan

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Nov 20,  · Bhutan's long history of splendid isolation is only one half of its remarkable development in the 20th century — the other is the country's reputation for being the happiest place on earth.

In the government announced the aspiration that Bhutan will become the first country in the world with percent organic farming. [98] [99] Bhutanese red rice is the country's most widely known agricultural export, enjoying a market in North America and iridis-photo-restoration.comg code: + One of the highest mountain reliefs on Earth can be found in the tiny country of Bhutan.

Sandwiched between eastern India and the Tibetan plateau, Bhutan hosts peaks that range between 5, and 7, m (16,, ft) in height.

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