Carso writing a business

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Carso writing a business

It is an economic, social and political crisis, which is now expressing itself in political turmoil and growing class struggle across the globe.

While the ruling class attempts to bury Marxism, it has in fact never been so relevant as it is today. In this updated article Alan Woods explains the essence of Marxism and its role today. In it he loudly proclaimed the demise of socialism, communism and Marxism and the definitive triumph of market economics and bourgeois democracy.

The fall of the Soviet Union meant that henceforth only one system was possible: Politicians, central bankers and Wall Street managers were convinced that they had finally tamed the cyclical nature of capitalist development.

Everything was for the best in the best of all capitalist worlds. But history is not so easily disposed of. Since then the wheel of history has turned degrees. And it is still struggling to extricate itself from the abyss.

Every one of the confident predictions of Fukuyama has been falsified by events. Before the collapse of the bourgeois economists boasted that there would be no more boom and slump, that the cycle had been abolished.

Actually, there is nothing new about this idea.

carso writing a business

Marx demolished that nonsense over a century ago. The bourgeoisie and its strategists are in a state of the deepest depression. They could have been written yesterday. It is becoming increasingly clear that capitalism has exhausted its progressive potential.

Instead of developing industry, science and technology, it is steadily undermining them. Nobody any more believes the constant assurances that we are on the verge of an economic recovery.

The productive forces stagnate or decline, factories are closed as if they were matchboxes, and millions are thrown out of work. All these are symptoms that show that the development of the productive forces on a world scale has gone beyond the narrow limits of private property and the nation state.

That is the most fundamental reason for the present crisis, which has exposed the bankruptcy of capitalism in the most literal sense of the word. Everywhere the symptoms of crisis are manifesting themselves, economically, socially and politically. The huge Chinese economy, which played an important role in boosting world trade and economic growth, is slowing sharply, while Japan is stagnant.

The so-called emerging economies are all in crisis to one extent or another. The USA is passing through a social and political crisis that has no precedent in modern times.

On the other side of the Atlantic European capitalism is in a critical state. The plight of Greece provides graphic confirmation of the diseased state of European capitalism.

But Portugal and Spain are not much better. And France and Italy are not far behind them. Following its decision to withdraw from the EU, Britain, which used to be seen as one of the most stable countries in Europe has entered a downward spiral of economic crisis, a falling pound and chronic political instability.

The bourgeois economists and politicians, and, above all, all the reformists, are desperately seeking signs of revival to get out of this crisis. They look to the recovery of the business cycle as salvation. The leaders of the working class, the trade union leaders and the Social Democratic leaders believe that this crisis is something temporary.

They imagine it can be solved by making some adjustments to the existing system, that all that is needed is more control and regulation, and that we can return to the previous conditions.

But this crisis is not a normal crisis, it is not temporary. It marks a fundamental turning point in the process, the point at which capitalism has reached a historical dead end.English for Effective Business Writing from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This course aims to improve your Business English writing skills by developing your use of vocabulary, grammar, understanding of different business Toggle navigation Navigation open Navigation closed.

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