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Circle 9

In Cain's play, Green passes through his discharge from the Army and various judicial and administrative procedures, roughly paralleling the nine circles of Dante's Inferno.

Cain structured the play so other cast members would return to play multiple characters, at each different circle.

The play won praise for being nuanced, and not taking the easy path of Circle 9 the protagonist. Bush 's primary home, had the assistance of the President himself in clearing his entry into the Army in spite of his criminal record.

Circle 9

Archived from the original on Jesuit playwright Bill Cain S. Just a year after his earlier successful play about the gun powder plot, Equivocation see my reviewCain portrays in his new play, 9 Circles, a character, Daniel Reeves, as a disturbed year-old snarled in the web of war.

Cain's drama mirrors, through a fictional adaptation, the Iraq slayings and, subsequent, gang rape of a year-old girl by United States troops. Like the real life Pvt. Steven Dale Green who, partially, serves as the prototype for Cain's Reeves and now awaits life prison without parole for his war crime, the fictional Reeves displays an 'anti-social personality disorder'.

Or maybe that should be what a man can do to a war. Cain's point, surely, is that Daniel, who goes on to commit horrible crimes that appall even the judicial system set up to process and try him, is precisely the wrong kind of man to be allowed to carry military-grade weaponry.

The stresses of war, the play argues, could send anyone over the edge.

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When starting with a guy wound tight enough to burst his own blood-vessels, the smart leader would anticipate trouble. Curious' "9 Circles" questions U.

Steven Dale Green, convicted in a federal court in of raping and killing an Iraqi year-old girl and murdering her family. Green's sentence, life in prison, was different than that of Reeves in the play.

His stint is marred by extracurricular war activities. Now, he is the focal point for the rage of the nationS.

Just Passing Thru: In Full Circle

From that point on, Reeves is on a downward spiral. He ends up in jail, accused of raping a year old Iraqi girl and killing her along with her entire family. As he waits for a judge to decide his fate, he encounters various people who allegedly want to help him, from an enigmatic army lawyer William Bolz to a pastor with a penchant for internet porn Whitney Derendinger.

Steven Dale Green, convicted in federal court in for raping and killing a year-old Iraqi girl and murdering her family. Reeves is trapped onstage in a concentric limbo of military tribunals, therapy sessions, and jail cells, dressed in stark white scenery by Klyph Stanford and lit in harsh tones by Dan Covey.CIRCLE COIN WALLET Make every Circle count CIRCLE COIN WALLET is the most easy and trusted wallet to manage your By: Hannah Mayne, 9 hours ago Posted in: Complementary Health Approaches Community Hello, My name is Hannah, and I'm a senior currently finishing up my BSN degree in Northern Minnesota.  · The circle is the symbol for infinity, because the circle is endless, and may be considered a polygon with an infinite number of sides.

Circle 9

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