Free cv writing advice cassandra

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Free cv writing advice cassandra

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Various readers and clients are looking ahead to the new jobs they are starting in the fall, and I want you all to have a very firm handle on the nature of a tenure track research trajectory. This post is written from the perspective of an R1 book field, so please get your own tenure expectations in writing from your department head as soon as you can.

I was actually a little startled to encounter this particular query. For myself, my research trajectory as an assistant professor was relatively clear.

But by the same token, I landed in a good and supportive department for my first position, a department in which senior colleagues took pains to make sure that the expectations for tenure were clear.

This might not be the case for everyone. And actually, as Department Head, when I had my annual meetings with the assistant professors to go over their research trajectories, they got so.

But they thanked me later—yes, they ALL got tenure. So, I want to share here some general advice for thinking about a pre-tenure research trajectory.

free cv writing advice cassandra

I am going to limit my comments to book-based fields in the humanities and social sciences at R1 institutions. Now, before I begin: These will vary according to field, department, and university setting.

You must schedule an appointment with your department head, and get, in writing, a clear picture of your tenure expectations. In addition, attend any and all workshops held on your campus about the tenure process, especially anything organized by specialized groups such as the Center for Women and Gender Studies, etc.

You want to see this thing from as many angles as possible, as early as possible. Now, once you have a clear sense of the expectations, sit down with your dissertation and other research, and map out a plan. For the sake of this blog post, I am going to assume that you need a book and five articles for tenure, with your case starting in Spring of the 5th year.

This is a relatively rigorous set of expectations, most likely seen at an R1 institution, but not the most rigorous imaginable. Of the five articles, three will most likely be based on the dissertation research or closely related work.

Two will then be on a major second, post-book project. Be aware that a second major project is a critical element to a successful tenure case at a research institution.

Lay out a timeline, working backward from Spring of your 5th year, which is when the tenure file will be sent out to your external reviewers. At that time, you need your book and all of your articles to be published or in press.

The reviews will come back in Fall of your 6th year, your department will vote on your tenure in or around September, your file will be submitted to the College in or around October, and then wend its way through upper committees, with your final decision coming to you in about May.

Working backward yet again, we know that you will undergo a Third Year Review in Spring of your third year. Your third year review committee will judge the state of your manuscript very severely indeed.

Your article production will also be examined at this time. As you can see, there is very little room for missteps in this timeline. What there most definitely is not room for is switching topics in mid-stream.

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free cv writing advice cassandra

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