Janmar ws 6a

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Janmar ws 6a

The birth of any new journal is a fragile affair, and whether it truly succeeds is judged by a number of factors. It remains to be seen where the journal finds its place when judged by the hard indices of impact factor and citations.

This may take another year and four further issues, though we are quietly confident that the quality of reviews and original articles we have published will be reflected in those figures. Another important measure of success of a specialist journal is the reception it receives from the clinical and scientific community that willed it into being.

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Pulmonary Circulation Jan-Mar by Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute - Issuu July 29, Keywords: Cracchiolo Abstract Retrospective studies suggest that life style activities may provide protection against Alzheimer s Disease AD.
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This reception has been loud and clear: The journal is fulfilling its mission of providing a high-quality forum for some of the best ideas, authoritative reviews, and original observations in the field of pulmonary vascular disease. This will serve to accelerate the generation and analysis of knowledge, ultimately leading to a greater understanding of disease mechanisms and better treatments for patients.

But still the one-year-old journal is only an infant growing to the toddler stage. A major milestone over the past year was the indexing of our journal on PubMed after only two issues, an extraordinary achievement. This has projected us from relative obscurity to immediate visibility.

This visibility leads to more citations and wider interest in individual articles. As an Open Access journal, readers can instantly access articles and download them from the journal website free of charge.

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The website statistics are testimony to the popularity of many of our best articles with many of them achieving several hundreds of downloads to date. To sustain the growth of our journal through this second year of life we continue to need your help. We need your contributions, your time for peer-reviewing the articles submitted, and your advocacy.

Each of us must champion this journal to see it through the next stage of development. For example, handing round your print copy to researchers and clinicians who may not be familiar with the journal will definitely increase the exposure.

Similarly, suggesting the journal to colleagues as an ideal outlet for their research will also spread the message.

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You can also download images for presentations from our comprehensive review articles and cite the journal during your talks. Within another year we will be running. This infant journal is very fortunate to have a huge family around the globe to help guide it to success.

There are editorial board members from 24 countries. The majority of manuscripts received to date are from contributors Access this article online Quick Response Code: A one-yearold baby… into the Year of the Dragon. Pulmonary Circulation was born in the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac calendar.

The Rabbit symbolizes creativity, compassion, and sensitivity. In confrontational situations, Rabbits approach situations calmly and with consideration for the other party. But is the Year of the Dragon. Dragons symbolize dominance and ambition. Dragons are passionate, prefer to live by their own rules and are unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks.

In we intend to let our journal grow under the wing of the Dragon. Most importantly we want this fledgling journal to grow up healthy and strong, becoming an adult admired and respected by their peers, acting as a role model for others. This issue contains state-of-the-art reviews and the full spectrum of basic science and clinical research.CASE NO.

2 Janmar Coatings, INC Define the Problem Janmar Coatings, Inc is a seller and manufacturer of architectural paint.

Janmar ws 6a

While the company is small compared to nationally known brands, the service area reach is big with over 50 counties in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana. 6A Three Sections 1 IIII I ljl 5 can showcase their abilities.

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