Popular culture and electronic media paper essay

Course Description This course critically examines selected examples of popular culture and popular art including fiction, non-fiction, music, and film. Emphasis is placed on how print and electronic media transmit and circulate popular culture. Students will produce writing that is well organized, well developed, and clear.

Popular culture and electronic media paper essay

I'll also shed some light upon the role that media both electronic and print has played in spreading this culture and thus converting the popular culture into a global culture that has more or less established it's roots in countries all over the world ranging from those in America to those in Africa and Asia.

The effect that this popular culture is having on the youth of today that blindly embraces it shall also be taken into consideration. The popular culture is the culture pertaining to the masses.

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The "popular culture" as opposed to the "high brow culture" changes overtime to suit the situations and circumstances of the people. It can be and has been expressed in the form of music, literature, movies, theatre, political cartoons, comic strips, graffiti, and advertisements and so on.

It also signifies the struggle and rebellion of the people living in different areas of the world against the domination of a specific class or caste. In a way it can be seen as a reaction to elite culture which is defined by exquisite taste and sophisticated preferences. While these two terms: The McDonald's and Coca-cola culture is what the youth of today takes pride in.

It is quite a commodity-oriented tradition where the latest hairstyle, shoes, clothes, food and music make the youth of one place in-sync with the youths worldwide.

It is apparently "hip" to engage in illicit activities such as sniffing drugs or possessing un-licensed weapons.

Popular culture and electronic media paper essay

The pop-culture is basically feeding off the insecurities of the youth; their desire to develop an identity either individually or collectively, they place their souls in their possessions such as cars, hi-fi gadgets, clothes or in the Popular culture and electronic media paper essay of shoes they wear.

It is this parameter by which the young judge or are judged. In their attempt to keep up with the modern world as they see it each tries to out shine, the other which usually results in hostility and animosity. The media has played the most vital role in promoting the popular culture that has greatly influenced the youth of today.

Through the television and other means the perverted notions of the popular culture have reached almost every country of the world. In the world that is more like a global village it's quite easy for the culture of one place to be influenced by the other and presently thanks to the media the popular culture has turned into a global culture where we see the youth running to dance clubs, the use of drugs and alcohol is on the rise in the youth population worldwide.

Although the popular culture is more or less the same across different countries of the world yet I have chosen to discuss its consequence and effect on different cultures such as that of America and Asia. Popular culture around the Globe: The kind of violence promoted by the movies is also a source of concern for those who do not want to experience the adverse effects of the pop-culture that has spread like a disease to almost all circles, rich and poor of the American society.

These movies project women as the rapists of men, and indicate the reversal of roles where the rape is a masculine activity and woman is the victim.

Not only that but it calls into play the female praying mantis, who consumes the male during mating, and, just for good measure, evokes the fatally attractive brunette of many a film noir. The African-American culture has evolved from the kind of treatment that the blacks were subjected to in America.

Rap-music is not only a part of the hip-hop culture that has become rampant in the society but also has greatly been the medium in which the blacks chose to protest against the repression and injustice suffered by them.

In this manner "It has become a powerful vehicle for cultural political expression, serving as the "CNN of black people" Chuck Dor upping the high-tech ante, as their "satellite communication system" Heavy D.

It is an informational medium to tune into, one that describes the rage of African-Americans facing growing oppression, declining opportunities for advancement, changing moods on the streets, and everyday life as a matter of sheer survival. In turn, it has become a cultural virus, circulating its images, sounds, and attitude throughout the culture and body politic.

There are various forms of rap such as suburban rap, rural rap, rap and soul fusions, Latino rap reggae rap, urban rap, white rap, and even Christian rap groups yet it is the "gangsta" rap or the G-rap that has taken over the billion-dollar plus market of rap.

Essay on role of electronic media in our society

It has this attitude about it that makes it so popular internationally and also the distinctive language used in the lyrics that makes it even more enticing.

However it advocates the use of extreme violence in order to achieve its goals. There is an extensive use of obscene and vulgar language in rap not to mention the kind of inciting lyrics that have been the cause of various riots. Ice Cube and other such rappers were highly offensive to the Korean-Americans in their songs and the threatening lyrics inflamed serious racial tensions among these minorities that led to shoot outs n fire bombings.

It's highly derogatory towards the females an example of which is the Doggystyle's cartoon art, which portrays woman as a hole to be filled by a man.Read this essay on Soc Introduction to Popular American Culture /Complete Assignments/ Homework-Aid.

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Korean Pop (K-POP) Essay. Words 5 Pages. Show More. Korean Pop (K-POP) But in reality pop culture hasn 't changed drastically, it is still all contemporary popular culture that is spread through mass media.

What has changed is, that today it seems there is an abundance of pop culture available. I will space this paper out into. Popular Culture and Print Media Paper This Essay Popular Culture and Print Media Paper and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on iridis-photo-restoration.com Autor: review • January 4, • Essay • Words (2 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

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